Henry Sims, Co-Founder & CEO, and Justin Birenbaum, Co-Founder & COO


CarbonCrowd is a sustainability-focused, impact-based blockchain platform with an emphasis on climate change, which also operates both a microgreens farm and a microgreens systems business. Both of these businesses give CarbonCrowd the financial freedom to focus on the core development of our crowdfunding platform in addition to honing a better understanding of the social and environmental impact of growing food locally (in this case, microgreens) as opposed to buying from a grocery store. It has also been a valuable opportunity to pilot one of the potential types of projects that will be featured on the blockchain platform. 

This unique organic growth model has allowed us to develop an uncompromising platform that is free from the influence of early investors' short-term priorities.

You can see more details about the platform we are designing in this explainer (keep in mind that some details about the platform have changed since it has been released, however, the core idea remains the same). This blog post is also helpful for understanding the philosophy behind the platform.

Check out our YouTube channel for more information, including growing tutorials, our scandalous take on broccoli, and other deep dives on the subject of microgreens